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    • stef stirring mix in organic olive spraying

    • Hi..
      I'm Stephanie, a zealous lebanese organic gardener,
      In our nursery in North Lebanon, my husband and I have raised organic plants (medicinal, culinary and decorative..) planted from seed, or raised organically.
      Besides my nursery, we have a 6000m2 olive grove, treated organically,providing 3 ranges of products: organic olive oil, olives in brine, and olives in olive oil (jarjeer)
      My ambition is to try my best to make a little organic spot in this chemical-invaded place where I am, and make more people aware about organic farming, or any related environmental issue

      Have a nice experience :)
      For any questions or Inquiry, please use the Contact Us Form
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Planning a homebirth!

Planning a homebirth!

I'm in week 24 of my pregnancy now, with my due date being on march 12th 2013, Planning for a homebirth, and still looking for a midwife! May i be able to...

Stephanie Khoury Ibrahim - avatar Stephanie Khoury Ibrahim 20 Nov 2012 Hits:6167 My way... to the natural homebirthing

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Chou el Vaccin? Chou fi bi albo? Article…

Chou el Vaccin? Chou fi bi albo? Article n°3.2

Chou el Vaccin? Chou fi bi albo? Article n°3.2 Metel ma el ma3loumet el 3ameh yale mna3refa bi alb el vaccin fi el virus mkhafaf aw mayit. Hayda el chi...

Rita Bou Malhab Safi - avatar Rita Bou Malhab Safi 15 Jul 2013 Hits:2219 Rita Bou Malhab Safi 's Blog

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Sejel el so7e

Sejel el so7e

Sejel el so7e Ebne kheli2 bi 24 ayloul 2011 bi ehda mestachfayet Lebnen. Men wa2ta kel chaher, be7moul ebne w be7moul el "sejel el so7e" w brou7 ta 2a3melo vaccin. Bensa...

Rita Bou Malhab Safi - avatar Rita Bou Malhab Safi 03 Jul 2013 Hits:3125 Rita Bou Malhab Safi 's Blog

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