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    • stef stirring mix in organic olive spraying

    • Hi..
      I'm Stephanie, a zealous lebanese organic gardener,
      In our nursery in North Lebanon, my husband and I have raised organic plants (medicinal, culinary and decorative..) planted from seed, or raised organically.
      Besides my nursery, we have a 6000m2 olive grove, treated organically,providing 3 ranges of products: organic olive oil, olives in brine, and olives in olive oil (jarjeer)
      My ambition is to try my best to make a little organic spot in this chemical-invaded place where I am, and make more people aware about organic farming, or any related environmental issue

      Have a nice experience :)
      For any questions or Inquiry, please use the Contact Us Form
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Stephanie Khoury Ibrahim

Stephanie Khoury Ibrahim

A zealous organic gardening amateur,

Always learning how to treat my plants the organic healthy way,


Trying my best to make a little organic spot in this chemical-invaded place where I am


Flora Organica,

Live Smart, Eat Smart

For contact Details, please click here

Website URL: http://www.flora-organica.com E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Sunday, 06 January 2013 16:57

15 Aout 2012

Suite au visionnement, l'année dernière, du film de Coline Serreau « Solutions Locales pour un Désordre Global », nous nous sommes empressés de faire connaissance avec l'association Kokopelli.


Sans doute, comme eux, l'essentiel de l'essentiel, nous semble-t-il, est de travailler pour le sauvetage de l'héritage semencier de la Terre.


Ainsi, nous avons consacré notre jardin à cette mission – qui, soit dit en passant – fut des plus agréables, exigeantes, motivantes et enrichissantes.


Tuesday, 20 November 2012 16:16

I'm in week 24 of my pregnancy now, with my due date being on march 12th 2013,

Planning for a homebirth, and still looking for a midwife!

May i be able to tell the story of what happened and of what's to happen along the way!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012 15:45

Dr Ralph Irani's Page on Facebook,

http://www.facebook.com/Dr.RalphIrani Note that this page is equally administered by other people who are taking care of posting the tips, Dr. Ralph answers the questions whenever he can, but some questions might remain unanswered if he doesn't have the time.

عنوان صفحة در. رالف عيراني على الفيسبوك:



ملاحظة: إن هذه الصفحة يديرها أعضاءٌ اخرون يتولون مهمة نشر نصائح در رالف بالنيابة عنه،

وهو يجيب عن الاسئلة عندما يتاح له الوقت

وقد يبقى قسمٌ من الاسئلة بدون جواب لضيق وقته


Rita Bou Malhab Safi

Rita Bou Malhab Safi

Website URL: E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tuesday, 06 August 2013 09:17

Chou el mane3a? Kif btechteghil ?

Article n°4.1

« L’acte même de la vaccination ou de l’inoculation avec une aiguille

court-circuite d’une manière arrogante ces trois mécanismes de défense de l’organisme (***)

que la nature a mis des milliers d’années à élaborer.»

Dr Tim O’Shea



Mnerja3 3ala cours zghir bel bio: eza sakhana aw mrodna: jesmna bidefi3 3an 7alo kermel yisso7. W mna3rif eno el mas2oul 3an el mane3a hene kourayet el bid.


Bass el chaghle yale ma mnet3alama aw yale ma mna3refa eno el kourayet el bid mich wa7doun yale mas2oulin 3an el mane3a. El jessem kello sawa mas2oul. kel el jessem bi nassi2 ma3 ba3do. El ensen mech bass kourayet bid. El ensen jessem w rass w 2a3ssab w feker. hole kelloun biya3mlo mane3a w hole kelloun mas2oulin 3an el "integrité" taba3 el jesem. hole kelloun biya3mlo cheghel ma3 ba3do, tensi2 ktir zaké w 2awe. Hayda houwe ser el mane3a : "l'integrité" aw el salemeh al jassadiyeh. Kel el wa2et fi "7areb" ben el jessem aw el ensen ma3 el "akhar" (marad...)

Tuesday, 06 August 2013 09:03

I make Milk.

what's your superpower?

Me, Myself VS The Others


Part I


Bi da7kouneh el 3alam walla!! w ba3rif eno ana bdha7ik 3alam kamen. Eno c'est reciproque.. Bass el fare2 ana ma betdakhal bi hole el 3alam yale bi da7kouneh. Halla2 yale la7 yi2ra ya 2ama la7 yikoun men el 3alam yale bida7kouneh... aw la7 yikoun men el 3alam yale ana bda7ekoun..... What ever!


Walla el natije yale wsoltola eno el walad yale bi koun zghir w sans défense, yale biyorda3 KHOUSSOUSSATAN , w yale ma bi ya3rif yie7ke w yale bidal mlaza2 bi t** (sry 3al te3bir) emmo-akid la2ana betrad3o/btehtam fi- bikoun BARBARÉ. Eh, la2an el rda3a betkhaleh el walad yikoun barbaré, ma bi 7eb el 3alam. W emo beddala 7emleto la2ana hiye ma bada yieh yi7eb el 3alam.Cercle vicieux. W mich 7ayala 3alam... 2a2rab el ness surtout. Surtout el ness yale bi alboun fi 7e2ed,ghiré ...yale bi alboun ma fi ma7abeh.

W hole el ness bass bi choufo ebne barbare la2an ma bi 7eb yirou7 la 3andoun, la2an ghenjoun me2ze, 7adissoun mich bienveillant... w ma bi choufo wledoun/a7fedoun yale ma bi oulo bonjour/merci/pls w ma bi redo laman n3ayetloun!!!! eno oulouleh el fare2???

Fa ntebho, kermel wledkoun yikouno normaux ma trad3ouwoun!! kebouwoun chmel yamin ma3 hayde el anineh li fiya 7alib estina3é taba3 el farmachiya, yale betkalif balwé. Awal chi bi sir 3endoun mane3a men ne7yit el Aluminium yale mawjoud bi 7alib el estina3e * w tene chi bi yet3alam yikoun sociable. Ma el bebe chu bi fahmo aslan. Khali lama yichouf el gharib 3al tari2 yikeb 7alo kab 3aleh. Ma heik hene rabo.
W ba3den khali yiet3awad... yiet3awad al dajeh wel 3aj2a. Eno ana bel beit 3ende ma fi ejer w be23oud bel beit 90% men wa2te, lezim khali yiet3awad 3ala el 10% el be2yieh... eno be3zoum 3alam w 3aj2a 3ala el beit kel yom bass ta yiet3awad??? Aw bdawir TV 3a sot 3ale? Aw ahsan benzal 3al tari2 w bassit bel parking ta yiet3awad? Eno b3ich ana bi rythme mech la elleh ta 3awdo 3a echya ana bel rythme taba3e ma b3icha?


Tuesday, 23 July 2013 09:12

Chou el Vaccin? Chou fi bi albo?

Article n°3.3

Sérum sanguin de vache – Massel el 3ejel:

Yousta3mal el serum de vache ta yizido mardoud intej el vaccinet, youtem zira3it el virus el “mayit” bi aleb hayda el serum.

Kif bi jibo serum sanguin de vache???

Dr. Ralph Irani

Dr. Ralph Irani

I am a lecturer at the Lebanese American University pharmacy school, where I teach medical nutrition and herbal medicine for senior students. I have a Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine and an MD degree in alternative medicine from Calcutta, India and a member of the Indian Board of Medicines, recognized and accredited by the United Nations. I have a post graduate diploma in herbal medicines from the Royal Institute of Homeopathy in England, and a MS degree in human nutrition from American University of Beirut and a BS degree in biological sciences from AUB and an intensive training and post graduate certificate in Functional Medicine I and II, accredited by the University of Southern California. I also appear on television, have 2 clinics and a consultant for British and French pharmaceutical companies.


Contact info:

For appointments, please call: +961 3 23 68 68

Direct number: +961 3 511 377

Adress of clinic : Hazmieh, Lebanon. Please refer to Map below

Website URL: E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Dr. Ag. Eng. Camille Zogheib

Dr. Ag. Eng. Camille Zogheib

Name : Camille Zoghaib.

Year Of Birth : 1936

Nationality : Lebanese

Profession : Agricultural Engineer - Consultant- Applied Research

Team Leader : (Agricultural Consulting Services.)

Address : Bauchrieh - Jdeidet - El - Metn

P.O.Box:90105-Tel:(01)890032-892932-Fax:961-1-890032/ 892932

Beirut - Lebanon .

E-Mail: Polytec1@Hotmail.Com / Info@Polytech.Cc



Website URL: http://polytech.cc/ E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sunday, 19 December 2010 20:08

Organic Farming: Sustainable Agriculture Put Into Practice

Organic Farming covers agricultural systems that implement the environmentally, socially and economically sound production of food and fibers. These systems take local soil fertility as the basis of their production capacity and by respecting the inherent nature of plants, animals and the landscape, optimize quality in all these interdependent factors.

Organic Agriculture is one of a farming system which relies on crop rotation, returning to the soil, the fertility and plant nutrients that depleted and exhausted by continuous chemical farming, carbon humus, humic acids, fulvic acids, microorganisms are the most needed elements to regenerate in soil for sustainable agriculture.

Saturday, 11 December 2010 23:19

Landfill Management

The disposed wastes in the landfill are derived from several sources:

1- Municipality wastes

2- Industrial wastes

3- Slaughtering wastes

4- Food and plant residues wastes

5- Constructions and demolition debris

6- Trimming, pruning and green wastes

7- Hazardous and non hazardous hospitals wastes

8- Undefined and unseen wastes

The listed known and the unknown wastes are all dumped  in uncontrolled landfills

Saturday, 11 December 2010 22:22

Innovative closed system to convert solid and liquid wastes derived from man, animals, plants, including  hospital - slaughtering - MSW - olive mill - sewage - sludge and Agro-Alimentary Wastes

Maher Saghias , ماهر صاغيه

Maher Saghias , ماهر صاغيه

For Contact Info, please follow this link


Facebook Profiles:

مزرعة سمسم-Sumsum farm Page

مزرعة سمسم-Sumsum farm Group



Website URL: E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Social Profiles

Friday, 17 December 2010 18:40

مزرعة سمسم تنتج فاكهة وخضارا "على الطبيعة" خالية من السموم والمواد الكيميائية.

:مخبوزات من طحين القمح البلدي الكامل والخميرة البلدية

خبز عربي -
خبز صاج -
خبز تنور -
خبز روسي -
خبز فرنسي -
(كعك العيد (مرقد -

خضار وفاكهة طبيعية ...
بطاطا -
- لفت
- فجل
ملفوف -
- قرنبيط
- سلق
- خس افرنجي
- هندباء
- روكا
- بقدونس
- كزبرة
- بصل أخضر
- ثوم أخضر
- كلمنتين
- أفندي
- ليمون حامض
- برتقال مسكي
- برتقال أبو صرة
- برتقال للعصر
- رمان (عناكيش)
- إكليل الجبل
- غار
- أعشاب برية:

- حميضة
- مصيريني
- هندباء برية
- خبيزة -


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